Founder Charlotte Wiseman


It is impossible to diarize the combination of experiences that led Charlotte to leave the fashion industry after 16 years to focus on supporting people to discover optimal health and learn to thrive.


After contracting a rare bacterium while travelling Charlotte started to experience food intolerances, digestive issues, lower moods and anxiety. She learnt to accept these physical symptoms and fluctuating moods as a normal part of life and progressed with her career in a state of ‘good enough’.


Many years later during a period of high stress the symptoms started to get worse. She powered through, continued to thrive in her career and committed more energy to improving her nutritional intake, doing more exercise and working harder to improve her physical health. She may have looked the picture of health but she was plagued with chronic pain, exhaustion, physical weakness, digestive issues and chronic anxiety.


While the doctors and physiotherapists remained baffled by her symptoms, Charlotte started to research more about her experiences and see some order in the seeming chaos of her ever-challenging wellbeing.


She started to explore ways in which she could bring more equilibrium to her mental, physical and nutritional fitness routine whilst still maintaining her commitment to a high-pressure job in the fashion industry. In a relatively short space of time she began to see marked improvements in all areas of her health as well as seeing improvement in her performance at work. She felt more motivated, inspired and energized, stronger and more resilient. She was finally able her to fully enjoy her life, live in optimal health and continue to progress in her career all in equal balance.


Charlotte has seen and understands the effects of stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation and the ensuing impact this has on the physical and mental wellbeing. She has lived with the pain of physical disorders and learnt how these affect mental fitness. She has proven that it is possible to overcome all these challenges and thrive in ALL areas of life, each one fueling the success of the next.


While she continues to research the effects of mental health on the physical body and vice versa at the University of East London she is now bringing her findings in to the community and in to the workplace.


She works with companies and selected partners to deliver balanced corporate wellbeing programmes combining “MIND, MOVEMENT and FUEL” to achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH and OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE.


Through her public classes, events and on line community she shares the tools that moved her from a place of ‘good enough’ to a place of ‘Thriving’, supporting others to discover what WELLBEING means to them, revealing their OPTIMAL WELLBEING and enabling them to THRIVE in TRUE BALANCE.