Step-Inside are a network of experts in wellbeing psychology, mental fitness, movement and nutrition who have come together with the common vision to enhance wellbeing and fuel fulfilment.

We are building a community within which we can all thrive, learning to support each other more effectively, building resilience as individuals and as a group, and improving our collective wellbeing.


ABOUT OUR FOUNDER, Charlotte Wiseman


For 16 years I was plagued by fatigue, food intolerances, repetitive physical injury and stress.

I had all the components of a great life, a successful career in the fashion industry, travelling the globe, a busy social life and a great home. I exercised regularly and had a healthy diet but I was exhausted, in constant physical discomfort, unhappy and far from thriving.

I committed all my energy to 'fixing' myself, improving my nutritional intake, doing more exercise and working harder to enhance my personal life and maintain my career progression.

Doctors remained baffled by many of my physical symptoms and I felt lost.

In my determination to escape this way of life I started to research more about my experiences. I started to read about the Science of Optimal Wellbeing and Positive Psychology. Some order in the seeming chaos slowly emerged.

I began to bring more equilibrium to my mental, physical and nutritional fitness routine in a way that enabled me to maintain my commitment to my high-pressure job.

In a short space of time I began to feel more energised, focused and motivated, my physical body was growing stronger, my digestion and sleep improved and I saw improvement in my performance at work. I felt more confident and was getting more pleasure from time I was spending with my friends and family. 

It felt like the 2D life I had been living for years was suddenly in 3D with surround sound.

I understand the silent effects of stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation and the ensuing impact this has on physical and mental wellbeing. I have lived with the pain of physical disorders and learnt how these affect mental fitness. I have proven that it is possible to overcome all these challenges and thrive in ALL areas of life, each one fuelling the success of the next.

I continue to research the interrelated impact of mental health on performance and the physical body and vice versa at the University of East London and from 2017 I am bringing my findings into the community and into the workplace.

If you want to experience optimal wellbeing for yourself or you are looking to support your workforce to thrive then I am here to support you. Step-Inside are here to empower you to THRIVE in TRUE BALANCE. 

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