“It's not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

L. C. Megginson



Drawing on the research of Michael P. Meredith, Barbara Fredrickson, Albert Ellis, Martin Seligman and Shawn Achor, this 12-part course will explore and demonstrate how the most effective road to sustainable resilience is positive engagement.

Through a process of investigating different aspects of physical and psychological wellbeing participants will build the resources not only to adapt to new business circumstances but to thrive in the face of these challenges and grow as a result.

They will discover enhanced motivation, improved performance and greater wellbeing enabling them to fulfill their true potential.


Each session will comprise practical tools to promote mental, physical and social resilience to fuel performance, success and wellbeing. On completion of this course participants will

- Be empowered to be more adaptable to challenges 

- Feel more focused, productive and collaborative

- Be motivated to attain their goals through on-going commitment

- Understand how to achieve their potential through positive engagement


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