Building Strengths and the Power of Character

Did you know that supporting your teams to use their character strengths more effectively has been shown to:

-      reduce staff turnover by 14.9%

-      increase profitability by 8.9%

-      enhance staff engagement by 59%

Perhaps we all think we are using our strengths as the idea sounds simple, but are we? And our we focusing on this as we recruit, promote and build teams? How well do we know our people? As individual characters rather than achievements?

I suggest starting by asking your team (or new applicants) to take this free survey

You can then consider

-      How can these strengths benefit your company goals most effectively?

-      How can you create opportunities for individuals to use their strengths more?

-      How can each person use their strengths to manage their weaknesses?

-      How can you build teams to include all strengths to ensure that each member of the team is adding value and complementing others?

If you need more guidance on how to facilitate this process then please be in touch.