Building Strengths and the Power of Character

Did you know that supporting your teams to use their character strengths more effectively has been shown to:

-      reduce staff turnover by 14.9%

-      increase profitability by 8.9%

-      enhance staff engagement by 59%

Perhaps we all think we are using our strengths as the idea sounds simple, but are we? And our we focusing on this as we recruit, promote and build teams? How well do we know our people? As individual characters rather than achievements?

I suggest starting by asking your team (or new applicants) to take this free survey

You can then consider

-      How can these strengths benefit your company goals most effectively?

-      How can you create opportunities for individuals to use their strengths more?

-      How can each person use their strengths to manage their weaknesses?

-      How can you build teams to include all strengths to ensure that each member of the team is adding value and complementing others?

If you need more guidance on how to facilitate this process then please be in touch.


Wellbeing goes far beyond the physical body. It includes our motivation, our resilience, our mood, our ability to engage with the world and live life fully.

Tuesday 10th October is mental health awareness day. This wonderful day gives us the opportunity to consider our own mental wellbeing and the mental health of those around us. More often than not, when we do this, we focus on the prevelance of depression, anxiety, addiction, dementia and other mental illness’, but isn’t this mental UNhealth?


So what about Mental HEALTH?

We all spend a lot of time and money striving for a health body, eating well (or planning to) and exercising in order to prevent illness and injury. How many of us spend the same amount of time and energy looking after our mental wellbeing? It seems with our mental wellness we prefer to wait until we have a problem or “break” before we take any action.

And of course a lack of illness is not same as being in good health and that goes for physical and mental wellbeing. We can be getting by, always a little tired, stressed, not quite enjoying work as much as we used to, maybe our relationships seems more strained, we find it hard to focus, we feel like we are never doing the things we intend to do whether that be giving up smoking or making more time to spend with your kids. Does that sound healthy or fulfilling? Is this how we want to continue?


What a lot of people don’t understand is that we have just as much control over our mental wellbeing, our motivation, our creativity, our sense of satisfaction and all those other mental strengths as we do our physical wellbeing. In the same way that we can eat well and exercise to prevent physical injury and illness, we can build our mental health so that :

-       We are more resilient and less susceptible to stress, anxiety and depression, with mental fitness we naturally become more likely to grow as a result of challenges rather than suffer.

-       We become more effective communicators, stronger leaders, more collaborative team members and have better relationships

-       We are more likely to reach our personal, career and physical health goals


And what is even better news, and I have lived this fully, is that the bi-product of putting more energy into our mental wellbeing is that it enhances our physical wellbeing :

-       Our vital organs function more effectively – digestion, respiration and cognitive function

-       Our immunity improves

-       We are less susceptible to physical injury and chronic pain

-       Our body is more able to build muscle effectively

-       We are more likely to eat healthily, less likely to gain weight and more motivated to be physically active

If you are ready to start investing in your wellbeing then join Step-Inside for a day of FREE workshops, talks and events at Creative Debuts, 115 Curtain Road, EC2A 3AD. We will be offering free mindfulness, yoga, mental health fitness classes, mindful design workshops and more to BOOST YOUR MIND.

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